Can i bring the fish home? (Denmark)

How to Use the Calculator

Select the fish you have caught in the dropdown menu at the top. Next, select whether it was caught in saltwater or freshwater, and in which area you caught the fish. Now, enter the length of the fish. The date selector picks the current date as default. If you want to check if a fish will be in season in the future, you can set the date to the date when you’re thinking about going fishing. Then hit the button “Click here for your answer” – you will now be told whether you can bring home the fish.

Respect Rules and Regulations

The calculator is based on general fishing regulations regarding in-season times and minimum landing sizes, as well as a number of local regulations that apply to fishing in defined, limited areas. Note that many freshwater fishing holes are subject to local regulations that are more stringent than state regulations. You are responsible to know all the rules.

Insert the Calculator on your Homepage

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Download the Calculator as a Phone App


When on the website, click on the box containing an arrow near the bottom of the page. Now find the button “add to home screen” after which you can name the app anything you want. Now you have the size-and-season calculator as an iPhone App.


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Why was the Calculator Developed?

We developed this calculator, because we believe that as hobby fishers (and gear retailers), we should make an effort to promote the observation of seasons and minimum landing sizes to support hobby fishing as much as possible. Seasons and minimum landing sizes are determined based on a calculation by the authorities and must be respected, so we also can have the best possible fishing in the future.

Salmon Quotas

Salmon Quotas 2018 Small Large B Qouta Total
Varde River 125 110 5 240
Skjern River 235 185 5 425
Storå 250 220 5 475
Ribe River 110 85 5 200
Sneum River 55 50 5 110
Kongeå 25 25 5 55
Brede River 30 25 5 60
Vidå 35 35 5 75

Small = Salmon under 75cm
Large = Salmon over 75cm
B quota = number of salmon you can land in other parts of the water system of the river (not separated by size)
You can land one salmon per fisherman per year per water system. After fishing your quota, all salmon is catch and release. Keep up-to-date with the homepages of the fishing organizations associated with the river system in question, so you can stay updated on the quota. Who is

Who is ‘Fisk på Krogen’??

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